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Dublin City Physio Clinic
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Physiotherapy Fees

At Dublin City Physiotherapy Clinic we understand that everyone’s finances are under pressure. Therefore, we aim to keep our fees as low as possible and will always endeavour to reduce your number of visits and thereby further reducing your overall treatment costs.

We have recently introduced our lowest ever fee structure as follows:

  • Standard Consultation (30 mins) €45
  • Double session (up to 1 Hour) €80


At Dublin City Physiotherapy Clinic our physiotherapists and podiatrists understand that orthotics can be expensive, therefore we will only prescribe them if we feel they are absolutely necessary

  • From €80 for ‘Best-Fit’ off the shelf insole
  • From €150 to €350 for a customised off the shelf insole.
  • Orthotic Devices (Casted / Gait-Scan) €350 – €400 depending on material and prescription required
  • 2nd Pair of Orthotics (As previous prescription) €250 – €300
  • Orthotic fitting (Free – included in prescription session charge).
  • Orthotic Recheck (*Free*- after one month)
  • Temporary Orthotics: €80 to €150

Health Insurance Refunds

Our Physiotherapists are all members of The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) consequently your treatments are usually covered by VHI, Laya, Aviva, Glo Health and all other major private health insurance providers. Coverage however, may vary depending on your plan and your insurance company, therefore, please check your provider and policy to see how much they will reimburse prior to visiting us.

Reduce Your Physiotherapy Fees Even Further – Some Examples

  • VHI – “1st Plan Select” reimburse €20 per session up to 4 sessions, “1 Plan Starter, Day to Day” – €20 up to 3 visits. Family Plan (Level 1), Health Steps (Silver), Forward Plan (Level 1) offer €25 up to 7 visits, Family Plan (Level 2), Health Step (Gold), Forward Plan (Level 2) offer €20 up to 7 visits)
  • Aviva Level 1 (Everyday) reimburses €30 up to 25 visits.
  • Laya Healthcare “Essential Care” €20 up to 4 visits. Health Manager First, Health Manager Starter & Health Smart Family 50% discount per visit. Health Manager Gold & Silver 50%-75% discount

***As an example if your treatment cost is €45 (full fee) and your health insurance policy reimburses you 50% then you may be able to claim a tax relief on the outstanding €22.50. Tax relief is available on all Chartered Physiotherapy costs, and depending on your level of taxation, you may receive a rebate of up to 42%. Tax relief may be claimed by filling in the MED 1 form available from

Payment Terms

  • All fees are to be paid on day of treatment, including patients with private medical health insurance. A receipt will be issued to allow you to re-claim this from your insurance provider.
  • Payments can be made using all major credit and debit cards

Cancellation Policy

Please note that it is important to give us at least 24 hours’ notice of if you intend not to attend for your appointment. If you cancel, change or miss your appointment without giving 24 hours’ notice a charge may be incurred (except in emergencies)

Book an Appointment

Complete the online form here, and you will be contacted by email or phone to arrange an appointment.


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