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Hi everyone and welcome to Dublin City Physiotherapy Clinic News Page. Every week we will be updating our news page and informing you of relevant topics to help you understand your injuries and the best way to manage them. Our chartered physiotherapists will discuss the latest innovative physiotherapy treatments. We will also give you tips and advice to improve your sporting performance, workplace posture, basic exercise ideas and management some of the more common conditions we treat.

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16 May 2013

Sprained my ankle – What should I do now?

One of the more common injuries we treat is ankle sprains. The big problem with this injury is that often in an effort to return to sport as quickly as possible, many players / athletes will neglect to fully rehab the ankle correctly. This in turn may lead to ankle ligament scarring / damage and subsequent ankle (particularly lateral) instability. The initial management and longer term rehabilitation of an ankle sprain is therefore extremely important. Our physiotherapists can assist you at all stages of the rehab process, the use of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) principle is a very good place to start. R (Rest) you need to leave the field, or stop walking on it. You need to rest it for the first 48-72 hours. No alcohol or exercise. I (ICE) you should apply ice to the area. Place the ice in a tea towel or cover your leg with a cloth to avoid ice burn. We recommend 20mins on and 2 hours off for the first 24-48 hours. C (Compression) Use an elastic bandage around your ankle, it helps to reduce the swelling. Be sure it’s not too tight, you should be able to move your toes and they should not feel numb. The bandage will need to be adjusted regularly over the first 24-72 hours for comfort. E (Elevation) you need to place the ankle above the level of your heart; this helps reduce the swelling and fluid removal. Remember also to keep the ankle moving, the muscle in the back of your lower leg acts as a pump to remove swelling, therefore, it’s important to keep the foot moving foot up and down. If however, you are unable to bear weight on the foot then we would strongly recommend that you attend your local A&E for an X-ray to exclude a fracture.

16 May 2013

Our podiatry clinic locations

Dublin City Foot Clinics @ Grafton Street Medical Centre,
34 Anne Street South, Dublin 2
01 671 2122

Dublin City Foot Clinics @ Primacare / Dundrum Medical Centre
Level 4, Dundrum Town Centre,
Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16
01 216 6960

Dublin City Foot Clinics @ McCabes Pharmacy
Units 6-8 Citywest SC, Citywest, Dublin 24
01 466 0094

Dublin City Foot Clinic @ McCabes Pharmacy
282 Glasnevin Avenue Dublin 11
01 834 2493

15 May 2013

We are opened!

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic “Dublin City Physiotherapy Clinic” Our new clinic in conjunction with our already well-established podiatry clinics will provide excellent physiotherapy treatments in a highly professional and uniquely personal clinical setting. Our emphasis will be on thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis and the application of appropriate treatment strategies to ensure quality outcomes and patient care. Our highly experienced physiotherapists have trained and worked in the most prestigious hospitals and various sports clubs in Ireland and the UK, and specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic conditions, spinal injuries and sports injuries. Our commitment to you is to tailor the most appropriate treatment programme to enable you to attain your full potential, as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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